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Our Services

We believe in providing a funeral service that is fitting to your needs and expresses something of you and to do things your way.

Our purpose is to assist families to create a personal service because saying goodbye to your loved one is one of the most personal and emotional experiences.

A majority of funeral services are traditional services but over the past few years other influences have meant that things are changing and we are able to reflect the wishes of the families and their needs.

We supply products and advice on all aspects when organising a funeral. These services include:


Choosing a casket can be a difficult thing to do. Today, there are many options available when considering a casket for your loved one, and we have a wide selection of caskets available for you to choose from.

Urns & Keepsakes

An alternative option to scattering or interring ashes is to place them in an Urn. Urns allow you to keep the ashes at home while the family decides whether to scatter, Bury or keep them indefinitely. We have a wide selection of Urns & Keepsakes available for you to choose from.

Headstones & Memorials

We specialise in all types of memorial work, from unique, specially carved memorials through to your more traditional headstones, cremation and burial plaques. Please come in and we will help you make some of the decisions you'll need to make to choose a memorial for your loved one.


Flowers are often the most important part of the funeral service. We can arrange the flowers for the funeral on your behalf with a local florist of your choice. 

Financial Arrangements & Assistance

Part of our work involves ensuring that the costs associated with the funeral fall within the budget of the family. There are two common grants available to families these are:

WINZ Funeral Grant

Work and Income New Zealand (WINZ) have a WINZ Funeral Grant that may winz-logo.gifbe available to those who cannot pay the full cost of a funeral. The grant is asset tested and payable, at present, to a maximum of $1971.37* to help towards the funeral costs. We can assist you on how to apply for this grant.

ACC Funeral Grant

Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) have an ACC Funeral Grant of acc-logo.gif$5930.38* for deaths occurring as a result of an accident or medical misadventure. Family members such as dependants may also be eligible for survivor’s grants.

You cannot claim a funeral grant from both WINZ and ACC.

* Please note, amounts subject to change

Embalming and Viewing

We will take care of the preparation of your loved one at all times and they are handled with dignity and care. 

All the transfer staff are fully trained in conducting the transfer of your loved one in a dignified and caring manner and this standard of care continues right through the entire process of the funeral preparations to their final resting place.

Embalming is provided to ensure that you have safe access to view and interact with your loved one without experiencing any health risks. It is especially important if your loved one is to be transported any distance and provides a more natural appearance.

Catering Service

Following a service held in Our Chapel we can take care of all your catering needs.

Annual Rememberance Service

Christmas can be an emotional time of the year and can bring painful reminders of the gap in your life, left by the passing of a loved one, a sense of emptiness of a person's absence, knowing that they will not be part of this significant time of the year.

Every year since 1995 we have held an annual Remembrance candle lighting service in December, in the Willetts Chapel for those who have been bereaved during the year to remember their loved one and anyone who would like to attend is welcome.

It is a chance for families and friends to come together and support one another and participate in a short non religious service and to light a candle in memory of their loved one, following the service we offer light refreshments.


Repatriation is when a loved one needs to be moved to another town or country for burial or cremation. The team at Willetts Funeral Services has the experience and resources to assist with repatriation throughout New Zealand and overseas, We will Liaise directly, sort legal documentation and complete the necessary paperwork on your behalf.

Compassionate Airfares

Air New Zealand offers compassionate air fares to immediate family members travelling to a funeral service after a bereavement. Most commonly, the family member applies for a refund after travelling, supplying the necessary documentation.

We will provide you with a letter from our company that the airline will require. To complete our letter to them we will need the full names of the people travelling and proof of your relationship to the person.

Recording the Funeral Service

We can as part of the service to our families record the Funeral services in our chapel, where the camera is set up at the back of the chapel. We film the service, including all eulogies, items, and slideshows, which are then transferred to a DVD. Filming of the graveside service is not attended unless requested.

If you prefer a more professional recording we are able to contact a professional recording company who will assist in recording the service. 

Funeral Streaming

Sometimes, for various reasons, people are unable to attend the funeral of someone they love or whom they are close to. This can be very distressing and can affect the grieving process of those people. 

Funeral Streaming allows relatives and friends to view the funeral service over the internet.


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